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How to do Brazilian wax at home |

Brazilian wax at home - do it yourself

Step by step - How to do Brazilian wax at home

Brazilian waxing can be done in the privacy of your own home. When doing an at home wax be sure to choose a good quality waxing kit to ensure the best results. Prepare the pubic area for hair removal by trimming the hair to 1/2-1/4 inch long. The hair must be no shorter than 1/4 inch or the wax may not properly adhere to ensure removal. Wash the entire pubic region, the buttocks and annul area with warm water and a mild soap. Be sure to dry the cleansed areas thoroughly. It will be beneficial, to then lightly pat on some type of non-perfumed body or talcum powder to remove any oils or excess secretions from the body. This step will also help the wax stick to the hair and not your skin.

Brazilian wax kits will come boxed with cotton or cloth strips to be used in the hair removal process. The strips may need to be trimmed in width to make it easier to use them. Ideally, the strips should be short and no more than a quarter inch wide. It may take a while for the wax to warm, so prepare the place where you will be performing the hair removal, by placing an old sheet or towels on the floor to catch any drips. Having a mirror handy will be useful when you get to the rear vaginal and annul areas. Begin by using the spatula or wooden stick provide in your kit to stir the wax and then smear a thin layer of wax onto a small area of the upper pubic area. Then press one of your strips onto the waxed area being sure to firmly smooth the strip down in the direction of the hair growth. Next get a good grip one end of the strip and using your other hand pull the skin tight. Then yank the strip away from the body in one quick motion. Repeat this step until the desired degree of hair removal is achieved. Sugaring kits can also be used instead of hot wax if skin is more sensitive. Clean off waxy residue by using baby oil and cotton balls. Sugaring paste can be removed with warm water. Apply the calming oil to entire area provide in the kit to help prevent irritation.

Materials and equipment needed for Brazilian waxing

When contemplating a do it yourself Brazilian wax make sure to have all of the material and equipment needed before you begin. Most of these materials will be in a kit available for home use. These materials usually include:

- Plastic or wooden spatula (used for spreading wax onto body).

- Strips, made of cotton, cloth or paper (used to remove wax and hair)

- Epilating gel (to be applied after hair removal).

- Instructions booklet

- Cold wax (to be heated prior to hair removal). If you want to make your own, check out the video below about how to make a sugar wax for sugaring and waxing at home.

The materials listed above are adequate for a simple bikini wax. But, when performing a Brazilian wax method of hair removal, more items will be needed. In addition to the basic materials, you should gather together the following things:

- An old sheet or a few old towels. (Giving yourself a Brazilian wax will be somewhat messier than just a bikini wax. You will need the floor beneath you covered to catch excess wax drippings).

- Scissors. (The strips must be very narrow to use in the annul area to make sure that hair is properly adhered to strip).

- A mirror. (To help give a clear view of areas that are not easily seen).

- Non-perfumed body powder or talcum powder. (To be applied to pubic area lightly just before you begin hair removal to ensure skin is dry and free of oils).

- A soft cloth or cotton balls. (To be used to remove wax residue left behind on skin).

- Baby oil. (Used on a cloth or cotton ball to make wax easier to remove). If using an at home sugaring kit for your Brazilian wax, the materials and equipment needed will be the same as if you were doing the hot wax hair removal method. The only difference will be when cleaning your skin afterward, you will only have to use a warm damp cloth to remove the sugary paste left on the skin.