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Brazilian wax photos

Brazilian wax photos

Where does Brazilian wax come from?

Brazilian waxing originates in Brazil, hence the name Brazilian wax. This method of hair removal became more popular as the skimpier bikinis trend reached the Brazilian women. The first form of Brazilian wax hair removal did not actually involve the use of wax. A sugary paste was used to perform the task. Today, this is known as sugaring and is the preferred method for bikini waxing. Especially when opting for the Brazilian or French wax, as these areas are extremely tender and sensitive to harsher treatment.

Women getting Brazilian wax Chest waxing - Brazilian wax for men
How to apply Brazilian wax A man after Brazilian wax

The Brazilian wax method is not a new idea. It has been used for centuries in countries such as Egypt, Turkey and of course, Brazil. We may feel that we are embarking on new horizons as far as hair removal goes but really we are not. The smooth hairless body has long been considered to be more attractive. Women in the days of Cleopatra spent endless hours on body beautification, which most definitely included the removal of body hair. The men of those times also wanted to be "hairless" and would participate in the hair removal process. Sometimes even the Brazilian wax. They found a totally smooth and hair free body was more appealing to the opposite sex. The same pretty much holds true today.

Woman at Brazilian waxing salon Man about to get Brazilian wax
Woman getting ready for Brazilian wax at a Brazilian waxing salon Brazilian waxing salon for men

The Brazilian waxing form of bikini waxing has become more popular than ever. The size of swimwear gets smaller every year and the sight of pubic hair protruding is not an accepted thing. Hair removal is a big part of our body regimens and bikini waxing has become part of our routine. More and more men are getting into the hair removal experience, sometimes even the Brazilian. The Brazilian wax may have originated elsewhere, but in America women and men alike have adopted this style and made it the norm here.

Brazilian bikini wax - before and after Bikini line before and after Brazilian wax

Brazilian wax to remove back hair for man Back hair - before and after the Brazilian waxing salon

Brazilian waxing salons - Brazilian wax for leg hair Eyebrow waxing at Brazilian waxing salons