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Brazilian wax services, bikini waxing & sugaring

Brazilian Wax, Bikini Wax & Sugaring Services

Hair Removal Techniques - Overview and Introduction

There are many hair removal techniques; two of which are waxing and sugaring. Both hair removal methods are very similar in application. Sugaring is used in the same way that wax is used for hair removal. The key difference in sugaring is that instead of applying a wax mixture to remove unwanted hair, a paste made mostly of sugar is applied and then removed in the same way that wax is removed.

Waxing and sugaring are available both professionally and as a do-it-yourself option. They are a semi-permanent solution to hair removal. There are many types of waxing. Including, but not limited to; leg waxing, eyebrow waxing, chest waxing, underarm waxing, upper lip waxing, face waxing, foot waxing, back waxing and bikini waxing. Bikini waxing can be to as simple bikini waxing, Brazilian waxing, French waxing or American waxing. It depends on what degree of hair removal you may be looking for. Waxing is now one of the most widely used hair removal method for both women and men. It is quick and effective with long lasting results. Sugaring can also be used in all of the same hair removal types as wax, with one exception for men being the beard hair. Sugaring will not work for this type of hair removal due to the different hair root system.

Waxing and sugaring are accomplished by applying a thin layer of wax/paste to area to be treated. A strip, usually made of cloth or paper is then pressed firmly over treated area and then ripped off quickly in the opposite direction of the hair growth. This will remove the wax/paste along with the hair. Wax can be used cold or hot. Sugaring is done with a room temperature paste. Results vary but generally last anywhere from 2-8 weeks for both hair removal methods.

What is Brazilian Wax?

A Brazilian wax is actually a form of bikini waxing. It is hair removal method used in the pubic area. Brazilian waxing is generally used when a person wants total hair removal except for a thin patch or "stripe" remaining in front. Sometimes Brazilian waxing will be used for completely removing all of the hair in the pubic region. It depends on the degree of hair removal desired. Sugaring is also used for this type of hair removal.

During Brazilian waxing the hair on and between the buttocks may be removed also, so do not be shocked if the technician doing your Brazilian wax performs this task. This type of hair removal is more popular with women, although men do sometimes decide to try Brazilian waxing. For men all of the hair is removed in the genital and annul areas.

Getting a Brazilian wax begins with preparing the area for hair removal. It is best if the pubic hair is trimmed to around a quarter of an inch long. Make sure the pubic hair and "surrounding areas" are washed with soap and water and are clean at the time of waxing. You will be asked to remove your underwear and lay on your back with legs splayed to begin the Brazilian wax. If pubic hair is too long your technician will most likely trim it to a more appropriate length for removal. A thin layer of warmed wax will be applied to a small area. A strip made of cotton or similar cloth will then be pressed down over the waxed area and smoothed down in the direction of hair growth. The strip will then be removed very fast in the opposite direction in a "ripping" motion. This will be repeated until the desired degree of hair removal is achieved.

What is Bikini Wax?

Bikini waxing is the process of hair removal in the genital area. It is generally used by women and is sometimes done while actually wearing a bikini bottom. However, a bikini wax is often performed without the use of underwear. Waxing or sugaring can be used for bikini waxing. Wax is heated for this technique and applied to the pubic area in small areas at a time and hair is then removed by applying a narrow cloth strip to waxed area and ripping it, with a strong jerk, away from hair growth. This can be somewhat painful to endure sometimes, but seems to be less severe with each hair removal session. If skin is too sensitive for regular bikini waxing, sugaring may used. This method is done in the same way as waxing except an all-natural paste is used instead of hot wax. Sugaring is less painful and the paste is easier to remove from these tender areas.

With bikinis getting tinier every year, more and more woman are opting for Brazilian waxing. As a Brazilian wax removes more hair from the pubic area, a woman has the option of choosing a bikini that has less material than she could if she opted for a simple bikini wax. Again, sugaring is being used more for this method of hair removal also. Since even the annul hair is removed during a Brazilian waxing, sugaring is sometimes preferred due to the sensitivity of the skin in the genital areas.

Many men are trying bikini waxing now. Male swimwear also seems to be getting smaller, and more and more men are leaning toward the "no hair" trend. A bikini wax for a man is very much like that for a woman, with the process of hair removal being the same. The amount of hair removed is generally less for a man.

What is sugaring?

Sugaring is a form of hair removal comparable to waxing hair removal. The actual hair removal process is very much the same. The differences between the two become apparent when we go into the details of the sugaring method. Instead of a hot or cold wax, a sugar based paste is used to remove unwanted hair from practically any part of the body. The only place where sugaring is not used is on the male beard hair. The root system for these hairs is different from that of other body hair. This makes the sugaring method ineffectual.

Sugaring pastes are made from all-natural ingredients and thought to be a good alternative to waxing, especially for those with sensitive skin. The "sugar paste" used for hair removal is applied at room temperature. It is never heated. This alone makes sugaring appealing to many people who forgo waxing because of the heat of the wax used. Sugaring is not painful to experience. There may be a slight feeling of discomfort during the hair removal but most people say there is no real pain associated with the process. During the application of the "sugar paste" the pasted only sticks to the hair itself, and not to the skin, so when the pasted is removed by cotton or cloth strips, only the hair is removed and the skin is not irritated quite as much. There might be some redness to the treated area, but usually disappears the next day.

Sugaring is becoming the most preferred method used for bikini waxing, Brazilian waxing, French waxing and American waxing, due to the sensitivity of the skin in these areas. Sugaring is also becoming more popular among men who want that "bare" body look but do not want to endure the hot wax experience. Most men find sugaring to be more tolerable.

What is American Wax?

American waxing is just another way to describe a basic bikini wax. The term is most often used by women of other nationalities to relay to their technician the amount of hair removal desired, as opposed to a Brazilian wax or a French wax. American waxing is done to remove all of the pubic hair that would be exposed to public view when a woman is wearing a bikini or swimsuit. Most women feel embarrassed by the protrusion of pubic hair around the edges of the bikini, and for the most part society tends to agree that the sight of pubic hair is unacceptable. American waxing is used primarily by women but more and more men are beginning to try this type of hair removal.

American waxing is still the more popular choice for hair removal in the bikini area versus the Brazilian or French wax. This is probably because an American wax only removes the hair at and around the bikini line and a Brazilian or French wax removes most or all of the hair in the pubic area, with a Brazilian wax actually removing the hair from and between the buttocks. When receiving an American wax the underwear can be worn so a person may not feel quite as uncomfortable about their technician touching their more personal areas, whereas a person must be totally nude below the waist to get the Brazilian or French wax. And hair removal techniques are a bit more invasive.

An American wax is done by the technician trimming pubic hair to approximately 3/4 inch in length if this has not already been done. Then a thin layer of heated wax will be spread over a small area of the hair to be removed. Next a strip of cloth or paper will be applied firmly along the waxed area. The strip will be grasped and ripped suddenly away in one quick, smooth motion to remove the hair which has adhered to the wax that was applied. A calming cream or mild oil may be administered to prevent irritation.

What is French Wax?

A French wax is close cousin to the bikini wax and a less extreme version of the Brazilian wax. The French wax hair removal method removes all of the hair at the bikini line and the entire pubic area except for a thin patch or strip above the vaginal area. The French wax does not involve the hair removal in the annul area or the buttocks like the Brazilian wax does. Occasionally, when getting a French wax women might choose to leave no hair at all in front.

Sugaring is often used with the French wax because of the tenderness that hot wax can leave behind when used in this area. The French wax is a good option for women that want the Brazilian style hair removal without having to bother with the hair in back. Men who want the "smooth" look also seem to prefer the French wax to the Brazilian, most likely due to the absence of the "backside" hair removal.

Underwear is removed during the French wax and a thin coat of wax is applied evenly to a small area. Then, either reusable or disposable strips of cloth, cotton or paper are pressed firmly down onto the waxed or "sugared" area. After smoothing the strip in the direction that hair is growing, the applied strip will then be expertly pulled away in one quick motion, removing the wax along with the hair. This step will be repeated until entire area needing hair removal is bare and void of hair. Sometimes waxing can miss a few wayward hairs, and since an area cannot be re-waxed, tweezing may be required to remove them. This should not take very long or be overly painful. When the French wax is completed, and all desired hair is removed the technician will administer a skin balm to the area to help prevent irritation and discomfort.